Image Cropper - software to instantly crop any part of your images!

Instantly copy any part of an image to use in reports, eBooks or web pages

Quick and easy to use - click and drag to choose any part of an image

Save to a file or just paste from the clipboard

Get your copy whilst it's still available at your favorite price - FREE



Image Cropper is so easy to use that you are unlikely to need a guide or user manual.

But if you do get stuck, help is available as video tutorials, guides and FAQ

If you still have problems or ideas for product improvements then support is available via direct email access to the developers.

Features & Benefits

Image Cropper is a tool that allows you to save a copy of any part of an image.

The cropped image can also be automatically re-sized ready to instantly paste into any document eBook or website.

File copies of Images can be saved if needed.


Image Cropper is presently available at the ridiculously low introductory offer price of FREE!

This offer won't last for ever - so make sure you get your own personal copy before the price rises.

�Wow! What a great product - wish I had something like this when I started my online marketing�
-Mrs A, Plymouth

Image Cropper Features & Benefits

Save Time

One mouse 'click and drag' crops any part of an image you want to use and instantly copies it to your clip-board - ready to paste into any document

Automatic Re-Sizing

Keep the cropped part of your image it's original size or automatically get it re-sized to fit within your chosen dimensions.
So you can be sure it will fit the space in your chosen document.

Particularly useful for web images to keep file sizes and download times to a minimum.

Works with Transparent PNG Files

Original Images can be fully opaque JPEG files or partly transparent PNG ones.

Image Cropper retains the original transparency characteristics of any image.

Reuse existing graphics

Make use of existing graphics - without paying again

Crop parts useful parts of graphics for re-use
That way you instantly create and new versions of graphics you already own.

How does Image Cropper work?

Step 1

Select and open an image file
Finding the image you want is likely to take longer than cropping it!

                            Image before cropping

Step 2

Click your mouse down at the top left part of the image you want to keep and drag it to the bottom right.

                            area selected from original image

That's It!

Your cropped image has already been loaded into your clipboard - ready to paste into any document.

                            Image from clipboard

If needed you can also click to save a file copy of the cropped image

You can also Add a Border

Click the Add Border option to add a border to all your images.
You can choose any colour and also vary the border width.

Cropped Image with

Or Choose a different Image Shape

Choose between circle, ellipse, rectangle or square for the image you want to create

                                Image with Border

You can also Resize Your Cropped Image

Simply choose a size and width.
And if you want your image to be stretched to fit exactly your chosen size - or just scaled to fit within the size.

Sizing images to exact dimensions needed for your websites speeds up the time taken for your pages to load

Total time to create the cropped image?
Less than 10 seconds!

And most of that time was spent finding and opening an image!


Image Cropper needs a PC running windows XP (+ SP2),  Vista or Windows 7
At least 1Gb of RAM is recommended.

Sorry, no MAC version of Header Magic available.

Download Image Cropper

Get your own personal copy of Image Cropper at the introductory offer price of FREE - before the price goes up!

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Alternatively Click here for a Zip version

You will first need to unzip the zip version using a program
such as 7-zip which is free.

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Developers of Image Cropper want you to be happy with your purchase and actually use the software to create graphics for your documents and websites.

Guides are available in a variety of formats:

"How To" guides show a number of ways you can use Image Cropper

"FAQ", or frequently asked questions - regularly updated to provide answers

"Video Tutorials" - watch how to use Image Cropper

The "Image Cropper" blog - contains useful tips and tricks to help you get the most from using Image Cropper.

If you still have problems using Header Magic, then please send an email to:

Please include the version number of Image Cropper you are using (shown in Help, About box), the version of Windows you are running, the processor, installed memory (RAM) and system type (Start, Right Click on Computer and then select properties).
Also include the email address used to activate Image Cropper - if using a different email address to request support.